Rooms Division Management


The overall objective of the course is to provide an understanding of the essentials of Rooms Division Management. The course is therefore intended to examine the two basic management functions of Rooms Division: Front Office and Housekeeping Operations. Moreover, the course aims at helping students acquire not only the basic skills necessary for the operations, but also management analysis. In this sense, students will be introduced to the concepts and techniques of room sales, forecasting, revenue budgeting, room sales analysis, cost and profit issues, break-even analysis, and room pricing...

bullet Syllabus
bullet Course Description
bullet Class Notes
bullet Rooms Division Department
bullet Job Description (Example)
bullet Job Specification (Example)
bullet Front Office Operations
bullet Reservation
bullet Sources of Reservation
bullet Reservation Phone Techniques (Example)
bullet Registration
bullet Room Status Terminology
bullet Room Type Terminology
bullet Front Office Accounting
bullet Check-out & Settlement
bullet The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations
bullet Pricing
bullet Hubbart Formula
bullet Forecasting
bullet Rooms Division Department Operational Issues
bullet Illustration
bullet Budgeting
bullet Exams

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