Actual 2005-2006 Spring Semester

Food & Beverage Management, THM 61247
In-depth approach to managerial skills for efficient food and beverage operations. Major topics include marketing strategies, menu planning and analysis, as well as labor organization and control

Dynamics of Tourism, THM 61163
Introduction to Tourism Industry, THS 52131

Focuses on the position of tourism as the world's largest industry. A global overview of the industry; trends, its socio-cultural and economic impact, motivators, hospitality related services, transportation, intermediates and attractions are discussed

Previous Semesters

Food & Beverage Service, THS 52223
Provides students with practical knowledge for effective management of food and beverage service. Students will have experience work in a fine dining room

Concept and Design for Food and Beverage Outlets, THM 487
Provides students with basic knowledge about the design of theme restaurants, cafeteria foodservice,  creative dining concepts an more. Space, tempo, smells, display kitchens, furniture, plants, table settings are discussed

Industrial Training Project, THM 310

Students spend one full semester working in the industry. This provides the students with an opportunity to apply their present knowledge in a real-life environment. During their internship the student will be required to prepare a report of their experience, identifying the factors contributing to the success and/or problems of the department.