52228 Housekeeping Operations




Course Outline


Course Objectives:

This course intends to provide students with knowledge for housekeeping management in a hotel, therefore, covers the responsibilities of housekeeping personnel, various areas involved in housekeeping - linen room, sewing room, laundry - cleaning and inspection of guest rooms and public areas.  In addition, the course will focus on some crucial management decisions about inventories and expenses, as well as scheduling and motivating the housekeeping personnel.


The teaching structure and methods will be used in this course include lectures, discussions, case studies, video presentations, demonstrations, and field trips.


There are two seperate lecture sessions per week as indicated on the academic schedule.  The second hour of the two hour session will generally be allocated to the case studies and discussions.

Course Requirements:

  • Attendance: students are expected to attend classes regularly.  The absence rate should not be more than 25% as regulated by the university.  Those students with above 25% absence will not be accepted to take the exams.
  • Participation: Students are expected to participate in classroom discussions.
  • Examinations and Grading: There will be two mid-term and one final examinations which are in multiple choice format.  In addition, numerous case studies.
  • Case Studies: There will be case studies related to each topic covered in the course and the students are supposed to do them in the classroom in groups.  Participation to the discussions during the case study sessions has an important contribution in grading.
  • Practical Work: Students are required to practice making a bed in a professional manner after it is demonstrated. 

Methods of Evaluation:

  • 1. Mid-term  examination: 20% (multiple choice)
  • 2. Mid-term examination: 20% (multiple choice)
  • Final examination: 20% (multiple choice)
  • Practical Work: 5%
  • Case studies: 20% (every week)
  • In-class Participation: 15%

Course Book:

Kappa, M. M., Nitschke, A., SChappert, P. B. Housekeeping Management.AHMA. Michigan. (1998)

Reference Books:

Sechneider, M., Tucker, G. The Professional Housekeeper. Van Nostrand Reinhold. New York. (1989)

Branson, J. C., Lennox, M. Hotel, Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping. (5th ed.) Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. Norwich. (1992)

Andrews, S. Hotel Housekeeping - Training Manual. McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Ltd. New Delhi. (1990)

Lecture Notes:

Lecture notes are avaialble at the Reserve Section of the "East Campus Library" and through this web site.  The lecture notes are based on the course and reference books.